Transitional Housing Programs

Eagle Star Housing’s Transitional Housing Programs support Veterans on their journey to find permanent housing within three to six months.

To ensure that Veterans are provided with a safe place to live while they search for permanent housing, staff work to address any barriers that may impact a successful journey, including physical and mental health issues and substance use disorders. Eagle Star Housing is proud of the successful completion rate in the Transitional Housing Program, and has helped a majority of residents who complete the program in searching for and obtaining permanent housing.

In a collaborative effort with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), residents are linked to resources, support services, food and housing stability, and education, as needed.

Services include:
     -Individual and group meetings
     -Vocational support
     -Activities and life skills training
     -Linkages to any further necessary community supports
     -Transportation assistance for appointments

If a resident is in need of another long-term housing solution, staff can connect residents with options that may include supportive housing, long-term residential care, or assisted living care.

Farmington Safe Haven
Farmington, New York

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Pembroke Home
Pembroke, New York 

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Spencerport Home
Spencerport, New York

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