Help Veterans Like Matt

Matt is a U.S. Navy Veteran currently residing in our Pembroke Home. He joined the military in 1984 because he wanted a career that offered plenty of on-the-job training. Matt says he had a great time serving!

Since leaving the military in 1987, Matt states that he has encountered both good and bad experiences. He is grateful to have found Eagle Star Housing in a time of need. Matt says, “Eagle Star has been great. They helped me by being a stable and safe place to stay while I got myself back together. The staff has been great! They answer any questions I have, help me remember appointments and make sure I get any information I need!”

At Eagle Star Housing, it is our goal to provide safe affordable housing to Veterans so that they might have the resources they need to overcome personal hardships. Each donation helps Veterans like Matt secure housing and whatever other immediate services they may need.

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Thank you for your interest in Eagle Star Housing's Amazon Charity List. You can view our list on a computer or with the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile phone. Items purchased are sent directly to our Eagle Star homes and truly make a difference in the lives of the Veterans that we serve.

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Securities may be given at their present market value as an outright gift to Eagle Star Housing. Gifts of appreciated securities offer tax advantages, as they provide an income tax deduction based on the stock’s fair market value. When transferring securities, it is important to use our full legal name and correct address:

Eagle Star Housing, Inc.
7189 Brent Knl
Victor, NY 14564

Phone:(585) 750-6351
Federal Tax ID: 45-5097554

Donate Stock By Electronic Transfer

*Deliver or fax a completed copy of the stock transmittal letter to both your broker and Eagle Star Housing.

Donate Stock By Mail

* Use registered mail to send unendorsed stock certificates and a letter of intent stating the name and number of shares of stock to be transferred and the purpose for which your gift is to be used. If the certificate(s) represent more shares that you intend to give, you will be issued a new certificate for the remaining shares.

*In a separate envelope, mail to Eagle Star Housing a signed stock power form with a medallion guarantee seal and a completed disclaimer form.


The value of a gift of stock is determined as the delivery date when the securities pass unconditionally from your control. The IRS stipulates that the gift value be determined by calculating the mean between the high and low quotations on the delivery date the transfer takes place.